Keep your business protected from natural disasters and human error by creating a secure backup and retrieval system.

Natural disasters, fires, floods and human error can severely can abruptly shut your business down without warning. From data loss to hardware damage, one of these devastating events can set you back by months or even years.

Business Continuity solutions from Brash Concepts are built to help you mitigate the business risks posed by disasters. Our cloud based technology and expert support staff will allow your business to stay on course, no matter what mother nature throws your way.

Key elements of our Business Continuity solutions include:

  • Local backups of critical business systems and files
  • Redundant cloud backups in multiple servers for advanced protection
  • Design planning and testing to ensure your continuity plan is always up to date
  • Automated SMS and email alerts that inform your staff of emergency closings
  • Cloud-based telephony, email and communications

Benefits of Business Continuity:

  • Safeguard your valuable business data and files against hardware failure
  • Mitigate risk of failure with backups across the country
  • Get back up and running with a well-rehearsed and tested action plan
  • Reduce the risk of crippling financial losses due to a natural disaster

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