COVID-19 Safety & Security Solutions

During these difficult times that we’re constantly adapting to, Brash Concepts is committed to staying on top of the latest CDC regulations and bringing our clients new ways they can provide a safe workspace for their employees and visitors. We have added thermal cameras, contact tracing and recording, VirusGuard shields, and social distance monitoring and analysis to our list of technology and security services. These tools are currently being put in place for our clients in the industries of construction, commercial/residential properties, grocery stores. schools, and university dormitories. For more information, please read our press release or reach out to us.

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Our team is reliable, fast-acting, and dynamic problem-solvers that assess your business’ needs! With our inclusive Managed Services plans, our competitive pricing has saved organizations between 20-50% over other IT firms or hiring a full-time IT manager.  

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Our CTO, Yuval Brash, discussed with Construction Dive how Brash Concepts is implementing Thermal Cameras at construction sites to help keep workers safe. Read the article HERE and reach out to us if you would like to know more on our security measures.


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“The quality and responsiveness to our hotel’s needs that was provided by Brash Concepts is unbeatable! The value, necessity, and effective installation and maintenance of the panic duress system that was installed by senior project manager, Sebastian LoGrasso, was well worth the price. I highly recommend Brash Concepts for any and all technology needs.” — Tom Travers, General Manager, Hotel Beacon

“Brash Concepts provided solutions when previous providers failed to get the task completed on time! The creativity and partnership all within the identified budget proved to be a resounding success with our RTLS system at the property. The work provided by the Director of Project Engineering was second to none – timely, collaborative and professional at all times. If you need a solution to Real Time Location Services – Panic Buttons, Brash Concepts is your provider of choice!” Mark Sanders, Managing Director, Crowne Plaza Times Square

“Brash Concepts helps me by resolving any computer or telephone issue that happens in my 100-person office. I like their personal service and professionalism. I would recommend Brash/V3 to other companies that need technical or telephone support.” – Sari Sixt, Wego Chemicals

“Brash Concepts is much better at solving real issues that affect the hotel business.  Their knowledge and response time tops the competition.  If you’re questioning Brash’s abilities to do the job, call their references and they’ll tell you Brash is the best!” – Glenn Isaacs, Vice President Empire Hotel group

“The engineer showed great ability to communicate the process, adjust to our concerns, and see the project through to completion.  The constant communication, willingness to adjust to our schedule, and doing so in a professional manner set Brash Concepts apart.  Put your trust in Brash, they’ll get the job done!” – James Fitzmaurice, General Manager, The Gwen Hotel

“The installation was seamless from the start of the project until the very end. The quality of the equipment used and support that’s provided has made this a great partnership thanks to Sebastian. The attention that Brash Concepts has given to our hotel along with the quality of equipment, work, and support has been simply outstanding! If you’re looking for excellent customer service, Brash is the company that provides it! Mark Deinhart, General Manager, Hotel Chicago


  • An IT director discovered a former employee was still present in the system, presenting a security threat. Brash Concepts altered employee access and deployed multi-factor authentication.
  • A disgruntled service provider took “revenge” by making company files inaccessible. Brash Concepts worked around the clock (and through the weekend) to restore access.
  • A sales manager in Nevada was worried about intellectual property theft as his staff traveled abroad – especially in China. Brash Concepts secured the company’s mobile devices and internal communications.
  • A manufacturer with federal government contracts needed to demonstrate supply-chain security. Brash Concepts guided the company to an ISO 27000 audit and registration.
  • A global company (USA, South America, China, Europe) was victimized by bank account takeover attacks. Brash Concepts developed a strategy to counter the attacks and limit financial loss.
  • A medical facility traced network intrusions to a former employee. Brash Concepts implemented security upgrades, including two-factor authentication.
  • An engineering firm found its files suddenly inaccessible, locked out by an offsite service provider. Brash Concepts found an unconventional (proprietary) approach to recovering critical files.
  • An electronics manufacturing company discovered its bank account was emptied by a cyberattack. Brash Concepts was able to accomplish partial tracing and retrieval of funds.
  • A client in New York found its business files hijacked by ransomware, with a demand for a large sum of money in return for the files. Brash Concepts guided the staff to an alternate data recovery methods, and deployed measures to reduce the likelihood of a repeat attack.
  • Email and business records inaccessible due to a natural disaster. Brash Concepts deployed a cloud-based system for remote recovery and access.