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Just like your body needs annual check-ups, so does your network! Brash Concepts will evaluate your internet connection, firewall, and backup program.

Don't be a victim.

Ransomware, phishing emails, and plenty of other cyber-attacks are looming over your company. What can you do to protect it?

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

Systems glitch and can crash, equipment breaks, and the list goes on. Don't scramble to find someone to get your system running. Have a reliable company in place to respond quickly. Being on a plan with Brash Concepts not only keeps you headache free, but it helps your budget and your backend.

Staff Safety & Asset Tracking

Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) and Asset Tracking technology is not a luxury, it's a necessity. We specialize in installing panic buttons in the hospitality industry and school buildings.

Need Support?

Contact us at 516-829-3687 or email us at

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Why Choose Brash Concepts?

Our team is reliable, fast-acting, and dynamic problem-solvers that assess your business' needs! With Break/Fix services as well as our inclusive Managed Services plans, our competitive pricing has saved organizations between 20-50% over other IT firms or hiring a full-time IT manager.    

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What We Do

Full-service IT, Networking and Data Security solutions for businesses of all sizes

We offer Break/Fix services as well as our IT 360 and IT Secure managed services plans. Our competitive pricing has saved organizations between 20-50% over other IT firms or hiring a full-time IT manager. Request a quote.

Unified Communications
Business Continuity
IT & Network Support
Data Security
Real-Time Location Services


Brash Concepts has expertise in creating solutions for a wide range of industries and understands the compliance requirements they demand, including:
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel/Hospitality
  • Accounting
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Public Relations


“Brash Concepts is much better at solving real issues that affect the hotel business.  Their knowledge and response time tops the competition.  If you’re questioning Brash’s abilities to do the job, call their references and they’ll tell you Brash is the best!”
Glenn Isaacs, Vice President, Empire Hotel group

“Brash Concepts showed great ability to communicate the process, adjust to our concerns, and see the project through to completion.  The constant communication, willingness to adjust to our schedule, and doing so in a professional manner set Brash Concepts apart.  Put your trust in Brash, they’ll get the job done!”
James Fitzmaurice, General Manager, The Gwen Hotel

“Brash Concepts helps me by resolving any computer or telephone issue that happens in my 100-person office. I like their personal service and professionalism. I would recommend Brash Concepts to other companies that need technical or telephone support.”
Sari Sixt, Wego Chemicals

Think your Firewall and Anti-Virus Can't be Hacked?

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