More and more, ransomware has emerged as a major threat to individuals and businesses alike. Ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts data on infected systems, has become a lucrative option for cyber extortionists. When the malware is run, it locks victim’s files and allows criminals to demand payment to release them.

Don’t assume that ransomware attacks can’t happen to your business…ALL companies are at risk. A 2016 Crypto-Ransomware Study reveals that paying the ransom is the least of your worries:

  • Downtime will cost you more than the ransom
  • Ransomware is targeting bigger businesses
  • Ransomware is a growth industry

Business Continuity solutions are built to help you mitigate the business risks posed by disasters.

  • Local backups of critical business systems and files
  • Redundant cloud backups in multiple servers for advanced protection
  • Business Continuity joins the forces of backup and file sharing into one solution that meets the needs of both employees and business managers.

What is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is a combination of local and cloud backups that provide maximum flexibility in case of downtime.  All of your data is continuously backed up via your LAN to a local server supplied by Brash Concepts.

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The most attractive strength can often become a tragic downfall, as proven in many a Greek myth. But we’ve never heard of the turned hero infecting our equipment and networks with malware – until now. USBs are everywhere. They’re the connection between your personal, work, and family networks. If your USB has malicious intent that you’re unaware of, you’re putting all those aspects of your life in danger.

Exactly what rose the USB to storage, power, and connection stardom is what makes the device so potentially detrimental to your system. The ambidexterity we take for granted from these versatile tools is what prevents us from protecting ourselves from the harm they can cause. The peripherals of the device are vulnerable to reprogramming – considering they must be adaptable to serve their varied purposes – and the change they may undergo is one that can damage your equipment. Since you would simply associate the change in conduct to various uses of the USB, you would assume no negative intention from its behavior. But the benign nature of the USB would become malicious under your nose, and you’d be opening the door and inviting it to invade your cyber presence.

SRLabs security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakod Lell have pioneered the analysis of what they call “BadUSB” behavior, and have outlined the methods USB malwares have developed to infiltrate your system:

  • A device can emulate a keyboard and issue commands on behalf of the logged-in user, for example to exfiltrate files or install malware. Such malware, in turn, can infect the controller chips of other USB devices connected to the computer.
  • The device can spoof a network card & change the computer’s DNS setting to redirect traffic.
  • A modified thumb drive or external hard disk can — when it detects that the computer is starting up — boot a small virus, which infects the computer’s operating system prior to boot.

So how can you defend yourself from a USB attack?

The bad news is there are no consistently reliable security measures against USB threats yet, since their potential danger is so newly discovered. Malware detectors/alarms cannot yet recognize the corrupted firmware overtaking USBs, and the firewalls created for the connector do not prevent specific device classes. Sensing the malignant conduct is extremely difficult, seeing as the behavior of a USB is fluid depending on its assigned device and use, so the alteration of its performance is typical of its appliance.

However, Brash Concepts stays aware of all the potential risks your system can face. We work with forerunning security electronic professionals to customize safety precautions for your network, from USBs to standard viruses. Our technicians work with you to clear every USB that your company uses, diminishing the danger as much as possible. With us, you’ll be prepared for anything, even when the threat comes from your own equipment.

Now that the Long Island Railroad strike has been averted, we can use our train commutes to reflect on how the scare may have been a wakeup call on for how easily our daily productivity routine can be disrupted. There are many minor and frequent adversities our businesses can face, and we grow confident in our ability to combat any when we soar over small speed bumps. But when the sudden, detrimental challenges corner a company into having to paralyze their productivity, we realize how prepared we need to be. But by then, it may be too late.

“Small business owners catering to commuters worry that a strike would bring their operations to a standstill.” – James T. Madore, Newsday, July 12th

Brash Concepts offers a comprehensive approach to connecting employers, employees and customers when distance or circumstance forces immobility and threatens business progression. By expanding the restrictions, abilities, and resources of your company, we ensure your survival through challenges your business may face. To your customers, being available to provide and maintain your service is vital, especially in the event they may be stressed facing their own economic or productivity issues. With our hybrid cloud business solution, you aren’t restricted to mass emails informing your frustrated customers of your inaccessible accounts, data, and desktop information. Combined with VoIP technology and cloud storage, we make your entire business – file server, desktop, and incoming calls – available to you outside the office. You will be able to offer your customers the assurance that their needs will be addressed in conditions that your competitors may be weakened by.

“[commuters are] a very big slice of Long Island’s economy because of the high incomes earned.” – Christopher Jones, research vice president of the Regional Plan Association

Bria, an app designed to free business possibility beyond office walls, allows employees to make and receive business calls on their cell phones. Their office line becomes mobile, and productivity moves with them. Bria uses software configured to work off a phone server, and Brash Concepts can provide your business with a domain compatible with apps like Bria.

“People are putting contingency plans into place, and it’s helped us – if you want to define a strike as helpful.” –Fred Grapstein, senior vice pres. at Hotel Penn (to

Preemptive measures to cement contingency in the wake of trials your business may confront has never been more valuable than in today’s fast-paced, machine-reliant, wavering industrial world. These thoughts should not trigger fear, just awareness, and far more importantly – inspiration. What needs to be considered is not only the risk of the issues that few can predict, but the opportunity that can arise from them. Don’t just protect; prosper.