Brash Concepts is a full-service Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) offering IT, Networking, and Data Security solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our History

Family owned and operated for 40 years

Founded in 1980, Brash Concepts strives to deliver cutting edge IT consulting and networking solutions for its clients. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and a knowledgeable staff.

What We Do

We support all aspects of an organization’s IT and Network needs in a comprehensive, personalized, and efficient manner. Our approach begins with the initial system assessment and evaluation of wiring needs.  We continue with full deployment and ongoing support and maintenance.

Brash Concepts’ engineers are experts at Windows and Apple operating systems, managing business Work Groups, Active Directories, local, and cloud file servers. Our networks are built to be fault tolerant with a focus on redundancy. We maintain several data centers around the country to ensure our clients’ data and cloud software applications have geographic redundancy.

Our customer base spans various industries, including: chemical manufacturing, construction management, financial services, hospitality, and legal firms. Our Long Island, Nevada, and New York City locations allow us to deliver immediate response times to our customers.

Brash Concepts is partnered with some of the leading major IT hardware and software firms like Sonicwall, Cisco, Aruba Networks, Microsoft, Apple, Parallels, Red Hat, StorageCraft, and Yubico.

Brash Concepts offers both prevention and restoration, system audits, protective measures, incident response, restoring operations and recovering data after a disruption.  We’re considerate of your staff and your customers while we execute necessary procedures.

Brash Concepts brings the most effective tools and up-to-date training while monitoring current technology. We test before we use and only use what works.

Explore Our Services

We offer Break/Fix services as well as our IT 360 and IT Secure managed services plans. Our competitive pricing has saved organizations between 20-50% over other IT firms or hiring a full-time IT manager.  >>Request a quote.

Preventive Services:

  • Threat Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Encryption Management
  • Regulatory Audits: Payment Card Industry, HIPAA, FFIEC
  • ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 Consulting
  • Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Planning

Some Examples of How Brash Concepts Has Helped Clients

  • An IT director discovered a former employee was still present in the system, presenting a security threat. Brash Concepts altered employee access and deployed multi-factor authentication.
  • A disgruntled service provider took “revenge” by making company files inaccessible. Brash Concepts worked around the clock (and through the weekend) to restore access.
  • A sales manager in Nevada was worried about intellectual property theft as his staff traveled abroad – especially in China. Brash Concepts secured the company’s mobile devices and internal communications.
  • A manufacturer with federal government contracts needed to demonstrate supply-chain security. Brash Concepts guided the company to an ISO 27000 audit and registration.
  • A global company (USA, South America, China, Europe) was victimized by bank account takeover attacks. Brash Concepts developed a strategy to counter the attacks and limit financial loss.
  • A medical facility traced network intrusions to a former employee. Brash Concepts implemented security upgrades, including two-factor authentication.
  • An engineering firm found its files suddenly inaccessible, locked out by an offsite service provider. Brash Concepts found an unconventional (proprietary) approach to recovering critical files.
  • An electronics manufacturing company discovered its bank account was emptied by a cyberattack. Brash Concepts was able to accomplish partial tracing and retrieval of funds.
  • A client in New York found its business files hijacked by ransomware, with a demand for a large sum of money in return for the files. Brash Concepts guided the staff to an alternate data recovery methods, and deployed measures to reduce the likelihood of a repeat attack.
  • Email and business records inaccessible due to a natural disaster. Brash Concepts deployed a cloud-based system for remote recovery and access.