Why Should You Make the Switch?

Girl on Work PhoneNo matter the size of a business, one of the most important factors in operating successfully is being able to effectively communicate. Each day your employees are communicating internally, for planning and consistency purposes, and externally, to increase or maintain business relationships. Allowing your phone system to fall behind in terms of technological advancements, is simply doing a disservice to your employees. Many of today’s phone systems actually increase production and assist with quality assurance and customer service. Today, many businesses of all sizes are switching to VoIP phone systems to suffice these useful phone system advancements.

The most beneficial aspect of this switch is the evident cost savings. VoIP solutions are much cheaper than land line solutions, most commonly saving clients 40% on their current monthly bill. The second most beneficial aspect of VoIP is the incredibly useful features. They can range from call forwarding to Auto Attendants to Hold Music to On-the-Go solutions. Not only are you saving money, but you have access to tools that strengthen the appearance of your business. For example, an Auto Attendant allows calls to be automatically directed to certain departments depending on which option the caller selects. Not even the world’s best receptionist can efficiently field each call correctly, therefore businesses adopted Auto Attendants to improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Besides, there’s no shame in being more organized and improving your companies appearance to clients. Another important aspect of choosing VoIP is the efficiency of its On-the-Go solutions. In the event of a snow day, natural disaster or if you your employee simply wants to work from home, calls can be routed through a soft phone to their cell phone. This solution is seamless as it still gives the appearance of the office number, meaning that the client will never know that the call is being routed to the employee’s cell phone. This aspect increases efficiency incredibly as employees can continue operating no matter what.

As landline phone usage continues to decline, companies will be adopting VoIP phone systems. Aside from the advantages discussed, VoIP will give your business the necessary tools to communicate best, allowing your business to operate at its maximum potential.