Protect your business from cyber-crime with our industry leading information security, data forensics and litigation services.

Cybercrime is growing at a rapid pace, responsible for billions of dollars of monetary damages and lost data. At Brash Concepts, we offer several levels of protection to help you reduce the risk of losing everything.

Network Security & Planning

Much like athletics, in the world of data security the best offense is a great defense. Brash Concepts can help you build a secure network with multiple points of redundancy to mitigate the risks of data loss, theft or manipulation. We accomplish this by providing you with the combination of innovative software solutions and a team of information security experts to guide you through the planning and implementation process.

Digital Forensics & Litigation

Led by disaster response veteran Yuval Brash, our team is at the forefront of digital forensics for major cyber crimes. Though our processes are complex, we believe in a simple mantra: Be thorough, be professional, and be discreet.

Many other companies rely on software and reports to give you obvious answers (known as “click forensics”). Brash Concepts digs deeper to understand the true intent of the crime, and exhaust all possible outcomes when investigating your case. Our examiners have a deep understanding of how software acquired data, including the underlying methods of data collection. That understanding can pay dividends on the stand, especially under harsh cross-examination that typically accompanies trials of this nature.

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