We provide health safety solutions to help detect and prevent the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses. To inquire about any of our health and safety solutions, contact Howard Hoffman: hhoffman@brashconcepts.com

  • Autonomous Social Distance alerting
  • Automated recording for Contact Tracing
  • Cloud Portal + Variety of Tags
  • Subscription Pricing
  • Leverage Wireless Infrastructure
  • Fast Deployment
  • Simple to Use
  • Integrated Health Survey
  • HR tools to automate email/texts to affected employees
  • GDPR compliant and secure

Quickly detect elevated skin-surface temperatures to properly monitor health risks on site.

Read more about thermal cameras here.

  • A heavy-duty/highly durable/puncture resistant NanoScreen™ product designed for safety barrier screen applications to promote a safe & secure environment where people work and socialize
  • Blocks or restricts a wide range of airborne droplets carrying virus and bacteria and a wide range of airborne particles
  • CDC and WHO define high risk airborne respiratory droplets that transport viruses including COVID-19 in a size range of 5,000-10,000 nanometers/most are unable to pass through the VirusGuard™ filtration core
  • VirusGuard™ Safety Barrier Screens are used in a wide range of corporate, retail, commercial, industrial & transportation applications to improve workplace safety while permitting natural communications, air flow & ventilation
  • Engineered with the same ASTM-Tested BMT NanoScreen™ Filtration Technology that is used in our VirusGuard™ line of PPE Safety Mask filtration fabrics & masks
  • Mounted in contemporary, architectural lightweight frames for use in corporate workspace/schools, institutional/retail/hospitality/leisure/fitness clubs & social venues.
  • Presents a pleasant window screen appearance. Unlike solid plexiglass screens, NanoScreen™ allows natural voice and visual interaction.
  • Delivers close-in human protection to defend against virus transmission.
  • NanoScreen™ See-Through/Talk Through Workplace Ergonomics promotes healthy team & social interaction and natural communication to improve workplace morale.
  • NanoScreen™ also delivers ongoing HVAC air flow filtration functionality.
  • Captures and detains airborne droplets and particles as they are circulated through interior spaces by HVAC systems, helping to prevent the spread of airborne virus droplets.
  • Heavy-duty design delivers extremely high puncture resistance. 4 times stronger than metal window screen.
  • Easily cleaned with any anti-bacterial or standard spray cleaner and a soft rag.