Reduce costs and improve reliability by routing your calls through the internet – cutting out the phone company in the process.

SIP Trunking removes the phone company and allows to directly route your calls through the web. The process works with newer phone systems, existing VoIP systems and even some older analog/digital phone systems.

Brash Concepts offers expert SIP Trunk implementation and integration for your phone systems. Our team can set you up with a new Hosted PBX system or integrate with your existing phone systems to offer you maximum flexibility.


  • Save Money on Service: Reduce telecom costs by taking the middleman out of the equation. Save money on long-distance, international and toll-free calling.
  • Centralize Access: Allow multiple office branches to operate on a single network and share hardware services.
  • Crystal Clear Quality: Increase call quality with rich digital enhancements and guaranteed uptime.
  • Complete Support: Rely on our SIP Trunking experts to help you with any issues or support you might need.

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