Safely Adopting BYOD in 2015

With the proliferation of smart phone and tablet devices, a growing number of employees are bringing their personal computing devices into the workplace. These employees are connecting these personal devices to company Wi-Fi networks and accessing company files and smartphone-584704_1280emails.

As a result of this risk, some companies have instituted total bans on employees bringing their own devices to work. We believe that there is a middle ground approach to this issue, that can allow employees to bring their smart phones and tablets to the office while accommodating the network and data security goals of an organization.

According to Yuval Brash, President and CEO of Brash Concepts, “Employees who bring their own devices to work and stay connected through those devices, are generally more productive and a valuable asset to their employers. It is our job at Brash Concepts to form the policies and procedures that ensure protection of company data but that allow employees privacy when using their personal devices.”

Throughout 2014 we saw some of the biggest data breaches in history leading to an increase in data security for many companies. Hackers have created destructive malware to gain access to peoples’ data, with mobile and “bring your own device” (“BYOD”) employees being the largest targets. As a result of this, companies could be risking their client and company data being leaked, deleted or stolen.

With policies like BYOD and the increasing concern on data security, it’s vital that companies find a layered solution. Please contact us today to make sure your organization has the best policy and procedure in place.