Armed Robbery Fail Thanks to Panic Button

A quick thinking security guard foiled an armed robbery in South Africa’s Durban CBD when he pressed a panic button that caused the gang, which had held up the staff of a business, to flee the scene yesterday.

Police later arrested three of the suspects.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said five armed suspects had walked into a business in Florence Nzama Road. Mathios said the men pretended to be customers before attempting to rob the staff.  This took place at about 12.45pm.

“The gang held up the staff and security guard at gunpoint and grabbed the security guard’s firearm.  The security guard managed to press a panic alarm,” Mathios said.

“Some of the suspects ran down Dr. Pixley KaSeme Street and into a nearby hotel, while others fled in a black Mercedes-Benz.

“Police later arrested some of the suspects who had run into the hotel,” he said.

Having a panic button system in place in businesses and hotels is not a luxury; it’s becoming a necessity to ensure staff safety.

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