Are You Under Attack by CryptoLocker?

cryptolockerCryptoLocker is a devastating computer virus that has been redefining cyber extortion for businesses across the country. The virus infiltrates your computer, encrypts all your data and then forces you to cough up $300 to get it back (and they rarely hold up their end of the bargain.) CryptoLocker is affecting over 50% of the United States, causing the virus to gain public and media attention for the past two months.

Who Is the Target?

CryptoLocker doesn’t discriminate, attacking businesses of all sizes across the US. It spreads from one computer to the next through booby-trapped emails and existing malware that may already be hiding on your computer. Some businesses have paid the ransom successfully, and some have lost their data completely. The number of retrieved data is extraordinarily low.

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Infected

If you’ve been affected, consider giving authority to someone in your organization who can decide whether to pay the ransom in your absence. The window to respond is short, so don’t lose the opportunity to respond. Unfortunately, data retrieval success rates are incredibly low, and users currently infected should plan for the worst.

The Best Offense Is a Great Defense.

In the case of CryptoLocker, taking the right preventative measures is the most reliable way to keep your data safe. This is not the first attack and probably won’t be the last. At Brash Concepts, we make it a priority to keep your data and business safe from malicious attacks from CryptoLocker and countless other threats. Our experienced IT experts will fortify your network security and create data backups to protect your business in the future.

Not sure what to do next? Give us a call at (347) 535-3500 and we can discuss the right solution for your business.

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